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CORDEX East Asia


The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) established in 2009 the Task Force for Regional Climate
Downscaling (TFRCD), which created the CORDEX initiative to generate regional climate change projections
for all terrestrial regions of the global within the timeline of the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) and beyond.

The major aims of the CORDEX initiative are to provide a coordinated model evaluation framework,
a climate projection framework, and an interface to the applicants of the climate simulations in climate
change impact, adaptation, and mitigation studies.

CORDEX-East Asia is the East-Asian branch of the CORDEX initiative and will produce ensemble climate
simulations based on multiple dynamical and statistical downscaling models forced by multiple global climate models.

WCRP JSC 31st Conference (15 to 19 Feb. 2010 Antalya, Turkey)
  • Discussion with Denmark Meteorological Administration about placing the CORDEX databank provisionally in Korea

    WCRP JSC: World Climate Research Program Joint Scientific Committee

WCRP TFRCD Conference (16 Jun 2010 Lille, France)
  • KMA would give full support to CORDEX data center in Korea.
International Conference on the CORDEX (21 to 24 Mar. 2011 Trieste, Italy)
  • KMA/APCC was confirmed to attract the CORDEX-Asia databank explained to RCD panel council regarding

    the present condition and plan of Asia region CORDEX databank

WCRP JSC 32nd (4 to 8 Apr. 2011 Exeter, UK)
  • Co-Chair of TFRCD Dr. F. Giorgi reported the result about CORDEX international conference.
Define roles among divisions in KMA (Nov. 2011)
  • Climate Policy Division

    Management of website

  • Information and Communication Technology Division

    Establishment or Managementof Infra

  • National Institute of Meteorological Research

    Creation of data

Roll out compact version of CORDEX East Asia Databank (Jul. 2012)
Formal opening of CORDEX East Asia Databank (Dec. 2012)