CORDEX-East Asia webpage is under construction.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Contents will be available shortly.

KMA(Korea Meteorological Administration) has established ESGF(Earth System Grid Federation)
and planned to produce climate change scenarios for AR6. To develop and improve CORDEX-East
Asia data and ESGF system, survey has been conducted. Your feedback would be very helpful.
Please answer the survey.

Survey site: [English]     [Korean]

* AR6 road map for East Asia *

□ Production of climate change scenarios for AR6
   ● 2017 : Implementing DECK experiments
   ● 2018~2019 : Producing global climate change scenarios
   ● 2020 : Producing the regional climate change scenarios on East Asia Region

□ Running an ESGF node for CORDEX-EA
   ● ~2018.06. : Establishing the CORDEX ESGF node
   ● 2018.07.~ : Running & improving the web site of CORDEX - East Asia Data Center

※ For those who need data urgently, please contact us that we would provide through e-mail.

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